Coagulopathy is associated with multiple organ damage and prognosis of COVID-19

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Rui Zhang
Yani Liu
Bei Zhang
Congqing Wu
Jinping Zhou
Yu Zhang
Wei Yang
Zhenyu Li
Shaojun Shi


Mortality rate is high with COVID-19. Multiple organ damage is a common and lethal complication of the severe COVID-19 patients. Of 198 recruited participants, 65 patients (32.8 %) had coagulopathy. In this retrospective study, we analyzed the association of coagulopathy with organ dysfunction in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The incidence of coagulopathy was associated with increased odds of acute liver injury, renal dysfunction and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) by multivariable regression. Overall mortality was 65 % for the patients with coagulopathy and 3.76 % for the patients without coagulopathy. History of hypertension, leukocytosis and elevated CRP concentrations were associated with higher odds of coagulopathy. Patients with coagulopathy had similar levels of hepatic and renal functional enzymes prior to the onset of coagulopathy as the patients without coagulopathy, suggesting that coagulopathy is an association of the progression of multi-organ dysfunction in COVID-19. Plasma IL-6 was higher in patients with coagulopathy than controls, but it’s not a risk factor for organ dysfunction by logistic regression. The present study shows that coagulopathy, overt DIC and non-overt DIC, associates with organ dysfunction and higher mortality rate in COVID-19. Thus, anticoagulant therapy may prevent organ dysfunction and increase survival rate in COVID-19.

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Zhang, R., Liu, Y., Zhang, B., Wu, C., Zhou, J., Zhang, Y., Yang, W., Li, Z., & Shi, S. (2021). Coagulopathy is associated with multiple organ damage and prognosis of COVID-19. EXCLI Journal, 20, 174-191.
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