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Published: 2013-01-02

Association of the virulence factors of Helicobacter pylori and gastric mucosal interleukin-17/23 mRNA expression in dyspeptic patients

Authors: Nader Bagheri, Ghorbanali Rahimian, Loghman Salimzadeh, Fatemeh Azadegan, Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei, Afshin Taghikhani, Hedayatollah Shirzad
Pages: 5-14
Published: 2013-01-14
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Optimization of dilute acid pretreatment of water hyacinth biomass for enzymatic hydrolysis and ethanol production

Authors: Muhammad Idrees, Ahmad Adnan, Shahzad Sheikh, Fahim Ashraf Qureshic
Pages: 30-40
Published: 2013-01-18
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Scatter-search with support vector machine for prediction of relative solvent accessibility

Authors: Amir Hosein Kashefi, Alireza Meshkin, Mina Zargoosh, Javad Zahiri, Mohsen Taheri, Saman Ashtiani
Pages: 52-63
Published: 2013-01-21
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Comparing the effect of clofibrate and phenobarbital on the newborns with hyperbilirubinemia

Authors: Majid Hamidi, Behnam Zamanzad, Azadeh Mesripour
Pages: 75-78
Published: 2013-01-22
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Effects of drought stress on the seed germination and early seedling growth of the endemic desert plant Eremosparton songoricum (Fabaceae)

Authors: Haiyan Li, Xiaoshuang Li, Daoyuan Zhang, Huiliang Liu, Kaiyun Guan
Pages: 89-101
Published: 2013-02-04
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

The effects of ursolic acid on cytokine production via the MAPK pathways in leukemic T-cells

Authors: Narawan Kaewthawee, Sirikalaya Brimson
Pages: 102-114
Published: 2013-02-08
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Modulatory effect of semelil (ANGIPARS™) on isoproterenol induced cardiac injury

Authors: Siyavash Joukar, Hamid Najafipour, Fateme Mirzaeipour, Hamidreza Nasri, Mahboubeh Yeganeh Haj Ahmadi, Marziyeh Badinloo
Pages: 122-129
Published: 2013-02-19
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Combined 3D-QSAR modeling and molecular docking study on multi-acting quinazoline derivatives as HER2 kinase inhibitors

Authors: Sako Mirzaie, Majid Monajjemi, Mohammad Saeed Hakhamaneshi, Fardin Fathi, Mostafa Jamalan
Pages: 130-143
Published: 2013-02-22
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Post transplant lymphoproliferative disorder: a case series and review of literature

Authors: Rizna Abdul Cader, Rozita Mohd, Halim Abdul Gafor, Norella CT Kong
Pages: 144-149
Published: 2013-02-25
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Antioxidative, antimicrobial and cytotoxic properties of Isatis floribunda Boiss. ex Bornm. extracts

Authors: Kubra Karakoca, Meltem Asan Ozusaglam, Yavuz Selim Cakmak, Seher Karaman Erkul
Pages: 150-167
Published: 2013-02-28
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Novel inhibitor discovery against aromatase through virtual screening and molecular dynamic simulation: a computational approach in drug design

Authors: Sako Mirzaie, Latifeh Chupani, Ebrahim Barzegari Asadabadi, Ahmad Reza Shahverdi, Mostafa Jamalan
Pages: 168-183
Published: 2013-03-11
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Preventive effect of N-acetylcysteine in a mouse model of steroid resistant acute exacerbation of asthma

Authors: Parivash Eftekhari, Sohrab Hajizadeh, Mohammad Reza Raoufy, Mohammad Reza Masjedi, Ming Yang, Nicole Hansbro, Jing Jing Li, Paul S Foster
Pages: 184-192
Published: 2013-03-11
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Cannabis-induced impairment of learning and memory: effect of different nootropic drugs

Authors: Omar M.E. Abdel-Salam, Neveen A. Salem, Marwa El-Sayed El-Shamarka, Noha Al-Said Ahmed, Jihan Seid Hussein, Zakaria A. El-Khyat
Pages: 193-214
Published: 2013-03-12
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Effect of subclinical, clinical and supraclinical doses of calcium channel blockers on models of drug-induced hepatotoxicity in rats

Authors: Iniviefien B. Okwa, Abidemi J. Akindele, Esther O. Agbaje, Oladoyin T. Oshinuga, Chidozie C. Anunobi, Olufunmilayo O. Adeyemi
Pages: 231-250
Published: 2013-03-14
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Blocking of rat hippocampal Cx36 by quinine accelerates kindling epileptogenesis

Authors: Jafar Kazemi Ghanbarabadi, Mohammad Sayyah
Pages: 251-259
Published: 2013-03-14
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Seasonal variability of Chelidonium majus L. secondary metabolites content and antioxidant activity

Authors: Z. Dragana Jakovljevic, S. Milan Stankovic, D. Marina Topuzovic
Pages: 260-268
Published: 2013-03-15
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Enzymatic saccharification and lactic acid production from banana pseudo-stem through optimized pretreatment at lowest catalyst concentration

Authors: Muhammad Idrees, Ahmad Adnan, Farnaz Malik, Fahim Ashraf Qureshi
Pages: 269-281
Published: 2013-03-18
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Fenugreek seed extract treats peripheral neuropathy in pyridoxine induced neuropathic mice

Authors: Farshad Homayouni Moghadam, Behzad Vakili-Zarch, Mohammad Shafiee, Azam Mirjalili
Pages: 282-290
Published: 2013-02-25
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Coriandrum sativum L. seed extract mitigates lipotoxicity in RAW 264.7 cells and prevents atherogenic changes in rats

Authors: Dipak Patel, Swati Desai, Tejal Gajaria, Ranjitsinh Devkar, A.V. Ramachandran
Pages: 313-334
Published: 2013-04-10
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Sleep loss and the brain vulnerability to neurodegeneration: behavioral, biochemical and neuro-histopathological observations in a rat model

Authors: Mohammad Torabi-Nami, Mohammad Nasehi, Mohammad-Reza Zarrindast
Pages: 347-372
Published: 2013-04-14
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Protective effect of Tribulus terrestris L. fruit aqueous extracton lipid profile and oxidative stress in isoproterenol induced myocardial necrosis in male albino Wistar rats

Authors: K.V. Sailaja, V. Leela Shivaranjani, H. Poornima, S.B.Md. Rahamathulla, K. Lakshmi Devi
Pages: 373-383
Published: 2013-05-06
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Irrational antibiotic prescribing: a local issue or global concern?

Authors: Shiva Hashemi, Azadeh Nasrollah, Mehdi Rajabi
Pages: 384-395
Published: 2013-05-07
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Synthesis of novel dopamine derived multidirectional ligands from cyanuric chloride: structural and antimicrobial studies

Authors: Ziya Erdem Koç, Mustafa Onur Aladag, Ahmet Uysal
Pages: 396-403
Published: 2013-05-07
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Total phenolic, antioxidant, antimicrobial activities and toxicity study of Gynotroches axillaris blume (Rhizophoraceae)

Authors: Salam Ahmed Abed, Hasnah Mohd Sirat, Muhammad Taher
Pages: 404-412
Published: 2013-05-13
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Factors affecting the adoption of healthcare information technology

Authors: Nisakorn Phichitchaisopa, Thanakorn Naenna
Pages: 413-436
Published: 2013-05-13
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

5,10-methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase C677T gene polymorphism, homocysteine concentration and the extent of premature coronary artery disease in southern Iran

Authors: Sara Senemar, Babak Saffari, Mohammad Bagher Sharifkazemi, Marzieh Bahari, Najmeh Jooyan, Elham Davoudi Dehaghani, Majid Yavarian
Pages: 437-448
Published: 2013-05-16
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Activation of sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor-1 by SEW2871 improves cognitive function in Alzheimer's disease model rats

Authors: Masoumeh Asle-Rousta, Shahrbanoo Oryan, Abolhassan Ahmadiani, Mehdi Rahnema
Pages: 449-461
Published: 2013-06-03
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Chemical composition, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of essential oil from Wedelia prostrata

Authors: Jiali Dai, Liang Zhu, Li Yang, Jun Qiu
Pages: 479-490
Published: 2013-06-07
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

The protective effects of pomelo extract (Citrus grandis L. Osbeck) against fructose-mediated protein oxidation and glycation

Authors: Natarin Caengprasath, Sathaporn Ngamukote, Kittana Mäkynen, Sirichai Adisakwattana
Pages: 491-502
Published: 2013-06-10
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Natural porous and nano fiber chitin structure from Gammarus argaeus (Gammaridae Crustacea)

Authors: Murat Kaya, Kabil Özcan Tozak, Talat Baran, Göksal Sezen, Idris Sargin
Pages: 503-510
Published: 2013-06-10
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Serum Vitamin D levels in patients with chronic kidney disease

Authors: Mohd Rozita, Mohamad Noorul Afidza, Mustafar Ruslinda, Rizna Cader, A. Gafor Halim, Chiew Tong Norella Kong, Kamaruddin Nor Azmi, Shamsul Azhar Shah
Pages: 511-520
Published: 2013-06-11
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Evaluation of chromosome aberrations induced by digoxin in Chinese hamster ovary cells

Authors: Mozhgan Sedigh-Ardekani, Iraj Saadat, Mostafa Saadat
Pages: 523-527
Published: 2013-06-12
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Production, purification and characterization of novel beta glucosidase from newly isolated Penicillium simplicissimum H-11 in submerged fermentation

Authors: Hongzhi Bai, Hui Wang, Junde Sun, Muhammad Irfan, Mei Han, Yuqian Huang, Xiaori Han, Qian Yang
Pages: 528-540
Published: 2013-06-13
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Inverse RNA folding solution based on multi-objective genetic algorithm and Gibbs sampling method

Authors: M Ganjtabesh, F Zare-Mirakabad, A Nowzari-Dalini
Pages: 546-555
Published: 2013-06-17
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Ethanolic extract of Commiphora mukul gum resin attenuates streptozotocin-induced alterations in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in rats

Authors: B. Ramesh, R. Karuna, S. Sreenivasa Reddy, G. Sudhakara, D. Saralakumari
Pages: 556-568
Published: 2013-06-19
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Quantitative population-health relationship (QPHR) for assessing metabolic syndrome

Authors: Apilak Worachartcheewan, Chanin Nantasenamat, Chartchalerm Isarankura-Na-Ayudhya, Virapong Prachayasittikul
Pages: 569-583
Published: 2013-06-26
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

High glucose inhibits osteogenic differentiation through the BMP signaling pathway in bone mesenchymal stem cells in mice

Authors: Juncheng Wang, Bin Wang, Ying Li, Dongsheng Wang, E Lingling, Yang Bai, Hongchen Liu
Pages: 584-597
Published: 2013-06-27
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Oxidative status and the response to pegylated-interferon alpha2a plus ribavirin in chronic genotype 4 HCV hepatitis

Authors: Mohammed Mahmound Ahmed, Omar M.E. Abdel-Salam, Nadia A. Mohammed, Dawoud Fakhry Habib, Hewida Ez-eldin Gomaa
Pages: 605-615
Published: 2013-07-02
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Association between individual ovarian dimensions with ovarian reserve indices

Authors: Elham Hashemian Naeini, Mohammad Zare Neyestanak, Katayon Berjis, Mostafa Shokoohi
Pages: 616-624
Published: 2013-07-04
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Design, synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of some new 5,7-dibromoisatin semicarbazone derivatives

Authors: Dheeraj Kumar, Vijay Kumar Sharma, Rajeev Kumar, Tejendra Singh, Hariram Singh, Amar Deep Singh, R.K. Roy
Pages: 628-640
Published: 2013-07-11
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Contralateral cortical role on functional recovery in a rat model of hemiplegia

Authors: Satoshi Ikeda, Katsuhiro Harada, Akihiko Ohwatashi, Yurie Kamikawa, Akira Yoshida
Pages: 641-646
Published: 2013-07-17
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Sorption of DNA by diatomite-Zn(II) embedded supermacroporous monolithic p(HEMA) cryogels

Authors: Kabil Özcan Tozak, Mahmut Erzengin, Idris Sargin, Nuri Ünlü
Pages: 670-680
Published: 2013-08-12
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Coupled Plasma Filtration Adsorption (CPFA) plus Continuous Veno-Venous Haemofiltration (CVVH) versus CVVH alone as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of sepsis

Authors: Juita Hassan, Rizna Abdul Cader, Norella CT Kong, Marlyn Mohd, Abdul Raha Rahman, Rozita Hod
Pages: 681-692
Published: 2013-08-12
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Exercise enhanced functional recovery and expression of GDNF after photochemically induced cerebral infarction in the rat

Authors: Akihiko Ohwatashi, Satoshi Ikeda, Katsuhiro Harada, Yurie Kamikawa, Akira Yoshida
Pages: 693-700
Published: 2013-08-14
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Synthesis and computational investigation of molecularly imprinted nanospheres for selective recognition of alpha-tocopherol succinate

Authors: Theeraphon Piacham, Chanin Nantasenamat, Chartchalerm Isarankura-Na-Ayudhya, Virapong Prachayasittikul
Pages: 701-718
Published: 2013-08-14
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Anti-apolipoprotein A-I antibodies and paraoxonase 1 activity in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Authors: Mohammed Mahmoud Ahmed, Eman Mahmoud Elserougy, Iman Ibrahim Al-Gazzar, Iman Mohamed Fikry, Dawoud Fakhry Habib, Khaled Mohamed Younes, Neveen Abd El-hameed Salem
Pages: 719-732
Published: 2013-08-15
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Pulmonary phthalate exposure and asthma - is PPAR a plausible mechanistic link?

Authors: Anette Kocbach Bølling, Jørn A Holme, Carl Gustaf Bornehag, Unni C Nygaard, Randi J Bertelsen, Eewa Nånberg, Johanna Bodin, Amrit Kaur Sakhi, Cathrine Thomsen, Rune Becher
Pages: 733-759
Published: 2013-08-20
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Influence of corticosteroid therapy on the serum antibody response to influenza vaccine in elderly patients with chronic pulmonary diseases

Authors: Sumito Inoue, Yoko Shibata, Noriaki Takabatake, Akira Igarashi, Shuichi Abe, Isao Kubota
Pages: 760-765
Published: 2013-08-29
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Heme oxygenase effect on mesenchymal stem cells action on experimental Alzheimer's disease

Authors: MT Abdel Aziza, HM Atta, H Samer, HH Ahmed, LA Rashed, D Sabry, ER Abdel Raouf, Marwa Abdul latif Alkaffas
Pages: 778-792
Published: 2013-09-03
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Nicotine exposure caused significant transgenerational heritable behavioral changes in Caenorhabditis elegans

Authors: Faten A Taki, Xiaoping Pan, Baohong Zhang
Pages: 793-806
Published: 2013-09-10
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Chemical composition, antioxidant and antigenotoxic activities of different fractions of Gentiana asclepiadea L. roots extract

Authors: Vladimir Mihailovic, Sanja Matic, Danijela Mišic, Slavica Solujic, Snežana Stanic, Jelena Katanic, Milan Mladenovic, Nevena Stankovic
Pages: 807-823
Published: 2013-09-12
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

COX-2 inhibitors from stem bark of Bauhinia rufescens Lam. (Fabaceae)

Authors: Aminu Muhammad, Hasnah Mohd Sirat
Pages: 824-830
Published: 2013-09-13
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

A simple click by click protocol to perform docking: AutoDock 4.2 made easy for non-bioinformaticians

Authors: Syed Mohd. Danish Rizvi, Shazi Shakil, Mohd. Haneef
Pages: 831-857
Published: 2013-09-23
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Embelia ribes extract reduces high fat diet and low dose streptozotocin-induced diabetic nephrotoxicity in rats

Authors: Hemantkumar Somabhai Chaudhari, Uma Bhandari, Geetika Khanna
Pages: 858-871
Published: 2013-09-24
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

DNA and chromosomal damage in coronary artery disease patients

Authors: Mohd Akbar Bhat, Naresh Mahajan, Gursatej Gandhi
Pages: 872-884
Published: 2013-10-08
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Machine learning approaches for discerning intercorrelation of hematological parameters and glucose level for identification of diabetes mellitus

Authors: Apilak Worachartcheewan, Chanin Nantasenamat, Pisit Prasertsrithong, Jakraphob Amranan, Teerawat Monnor, Tassaneya Chaisatit, Wilairat Nuchpramool, Virapong Prachayasittikul
Pages: 885-893
Published: 2013-10-21
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Biochemical aspirin resistance in stroke patients - a cross-sectional single centre study

Authors: Shahrul Azmin, Ramesh Sahathevan, Remli Rabani, Wan Y Nafisah, Hui J Tan, Azman A Raymond, Basri B Hamidon, Azhar S Shamsul, Mohamed Ibrahim Norlinah
Pages: 907-915
Published: 2013-10-29
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Changes of serum omentin-1 levels and relationship between omentin-1 and insulin resistance in chronic hepatitis C patients

Authors: Walaa Moustafa Hussein Nassif, Ashraf Ismail Amin, Zeinab Abdeltawab Hassan, Dalia Hussein Abdelhafiz Abdelaziz
Pages: 924-932
Published: 2013-11-04
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Chemical composition and anti-inflammatory effects of essential oil from Hallabong flower

Authors: Min-Jin Kim, Kyong-Wol Yang, Sang Suk Kim, Suk Man Park, Kyung Jin Park, Kwang Sik Kim, Young Hun Choi, Kwang Keun Cho, Nam Ho Lee, Chang-Gu Hyun
Pages: 933-942
Published: 2013-11-07
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Beneficial therapeutic effects of Nigella sativa and/or Zingiber officinale in HCV patients in Egypt

Authors: Adel Abdel-Moneim, Basant M. Morsy, Ayman M. Mahmoud, Mohamed A. Abo-Seif, Mohamed I. Zanaty
Pages: 943-955
Published: 2013-11-11
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Flavonoids and its derivatives from Callistephus chinensis flowers and their inhibitory activities against alpha-glucosidase

Authors: Xiaoshu Zhang, Zhenting Liu, Xiuli Bi, Jingxin Liu, Wei Li, Yuqing Zhao
Pages: 956-966
Published: 2013-11-19
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Selenoprotein M is expressed during bone development

Authors: Melanie Grosch, Jennifer Fuchs, Michael Bösl, Andreas Winterpacht, Andreas Tagariello
Pages: 967-979
Published: 2013-11-20
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Changes in apoptotic factors in hypothalamus and hippocampus after acute and subchronic stress induction during conditioned place preference paradigm

Authors: Abbas Haghparast, Zahra Fatahi, Shabnam Zeighamy Alamdary, Fariba Khodagholi
Pages: 1001-1016
Published: 2013-12-04
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

The role of glutamatergic pathway between septum and hippocampus in the memory formation

Authors: Fatemeh Khakpai, Mohammad Reza Zarrindast, Mohammad Nasehi, Ali Haeri-Rohani, Akram Eidi
Pages: 41-51
Published: 2013-01-21
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Current developments in toxicological research on arsenic

Authors: Hermann M. Bolt
Pages: 64-74
Published: 2013-01-21
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

High therapeutic potential of Spilanthes acmella: A review

Authors: Veda Prachayasittikul, Supaluk Prachayasittikul, Somsak Ruchirawat, Virapong Prachayasittikul
Pages: 291-312
Published: 2013-04-04
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Three dimensional electron microscopy and in silico tools for macromolecular structure determination

Authors: Subhomoi Borkotoky, Chetan Kumar Meena, Mohammad Wahab Khan, Ayaluru Murali
Pages: 335-346
Published: 2013-04-24
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

miRNA regulation during cardiac development and remodeling in cardiomyopathy

Authors: K.L. Chaitra, Kayalvili Ulaganathan, Anita James, Venkateshwari Ananthapur, Pratibha Nallari
Pages: 980-992
Published: 2013-11-26
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Anti-oncogenic perspectives of spices/herbs: A comprehensive review

Authors: Masood Sadiq Butt, Ambreen Naz, Muhammad Tauseef Sultan, Mir Muhammad Nasir Qayyum
Pages: 1043-1065
Published: 2013-12-17
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Impact of Wikipedia on citation trends

Authors: Sayed-Amir Marashi, Seyed Mohammad Amin Hosseini-Nami, Khadijeh Alishah, Mahdieh Hadi, Ali Karimi, Saeedeh Hosseinian, Rouhallah Ramezanifard, Reihaneh Sadat Mirhassani, Zhaleh Hosseini, Zahra Shojaie
Pages: 15-19
Published: 2013-01-15
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Influence of framing on medical decision making

Authors: Jingjing Gong, Yan Zhang, Jun Feng, Yonghua Huang, Yazhou Wei, Weiwei Zhang
Pages: 20-29
Published: 2013-01-18
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Recent studies on flavonoids and their antioxidant activities

Authors: Soo Cheon Chae, Jai-Heon Lee, Sang Un Park
Pages: 226-230
Published: 2013-03-13
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Neuroprotective effects of medicinal plants

Authors: Romij Uddin, Haeng Hoon Kim, Jai-Heon Lee, Sang Un Park
Pages: 541-545
Published: 2013-06-14
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Interaction of genetic variants towards increased cancer risk

Authors: Seddik Hammad
Pages: 625-627
Published: 2013-07-09
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Improved genotyping of N-acetyltransferase 2: role of the ultra-slow acetylators

Authors: Meinolf Blaszkewicz
Pages: 1020-1023
Published: 2013-12-05
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Transcriptomics in developmental toxicity testing

Authors: H. M. Bolt
Pages: 1027-1029
Published: 2013-12-12
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Adrenal involvement in histoplasmosis

Authors: Norasyikin A. Wahab, Rozita Mohd, Suehazlyn Zainudin, Nor Azmi Kamaruddin
Pages: 1-4
Published: 2013-01-11
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Hepatotoxicity induced by zoledronic acid in an aged woman with primary osteoporosis

Authors: Yanhui Lu, Yu Pei, Yinghong Shao, Shuangtong Yan, Lichao Ma, Fusheng Fang, Mengmeng Jin, Minyan Liu, Jian Li, Chunlin Li
Pages: 115-117
Published: 2013-02-13
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Familial pattern of large vestibular aqueduct syndrome in a Chinese family

Authors: Mohd Hazmi, A. Ab Aziz, A. Asma
Pages: 118-121
Published: 2013-02-15
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Osteoporosis awareness among primary care physicians in Malaysia

Authors: Esha Das Gupta, Emily Man Lee Goh, Suk Chyn Gun, Heselynn Hussein, Nor Shuhaila Shahril, Swan Sim Yeap, Rajalingham Sakthiswary
Pages: 521-522
Published: 2013-06-12
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

Advances in 2D and 3D in vitro systems for hepatotoxicity testing

Authors: Seddik Hammad
Pages: 993-996
Published: 2013-11-28
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)

In vitro test systems and their limitations

Authors: Ahmed Ghallab
Pages: 1024-1026
Published: 2013-12-12
Issue: Vol. 12 (2013)