Role and application of stem cells in dental regeneration: A comprehensive overview

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Armin Soudi
Mohsen Yazdanian
Reza Ranjbar
Hamid Tebyanian
Alireza Yazdanian
Elahe Tahmasebi
Ali Keshvad
Alexander Seifalian


Recently, a growing attention has been observed toward potential advantages of stem cell (SC)-based therapies in regenerative treatments. Mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs) are now considered excellent candidates for tissue replacement therapies and tissue engineering. Autologous MSCs importantly contribute to the state-of-the-art clinical strategies for SC-based alveolar bone regeneration. The donor cells and immune cells play a prominent role in determining the clinical success of MSCs therapy. In line with the promising future that stem cell therapy has shown for tissue engineering applications, dental stem cells have also attracted the attention of the relevant researchers in recent years. The current literature review aims to survey the variety and extension of SC-application in tissue-regenerative dentistry. In this regard, the relevant English written literature was searched using keywords: “tissue engineering”, “stem cells”, “dental stem cells”, and “dentistry strategies”. According to the available database, SCs application has become increasingly widespread because of its accessibility, plasticity, and high proliferative ability. Among the growing recognized niches and tissues containing higher SCs, dental tissues are evidenced to be rich sources of MSCs. According to the literature, dental SCs are mostly present in the dental pulp, periodontal ligament, and dental follicle tissues. In this regard, the present review has described the recent findings on the potential of dental stem cells to be used in tissue regeneration.

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Soudi, A. ., Yazdanian, M., Ranjbar, R. ., Tebyanian, H., Yazdanian, A. ., Tahmasebi, E. ., Keshvad, A. ., & Seifalian, A. . (2021). Role and application of stem cells in dental regeneration: A comprehensive overview. EXCLI Journal, 20, 454-489.
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