Natural products as reservoirs of novel therapeutic agents

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Sadaf Mushtaq
Bilal Haider Abbasi
Bushra Uzair
Rashda Abbasi


Since ancient times, natural products from plants, animals, microbial and marine sources have been exploited for treatment of several diseases. The knowledge of our ancestors is the base of modern drug discovery process. However, due to the presence of extensive biodiversity in natural sources, the percentage of secondary metabolites screened for bioactivity is low. This review aims to provide a brief overview of historically significant natural therapeutic agents along with some current potential drug candidates. It will also provide an insight into pros and cons of natural product discovery and how development of recent approaches has answered the challenges associated with it.

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Mushtaq, S., Abbasi, B. H., Uzair, B., & Abbasi, R. (2018). Natural products as reservoirs of novel therapeutic agents. EXCLI Journal, 17, 420-451.
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