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Vol 19 (2020)

Published continuously

Published: 2020-01-02

Original article - RNA-protein correlation of liver toxicity markers in HepaRG cells

Albert Braeuning, Almut Mentz, Felix F. Schmidt, Stefan P. Albaum, Hannes Planatscher, Jörn Kalinowski, Thomas O. Joos, Oliver Poetz, Dajana Lichtenstein


Review article - The survival rate of hepatocellular carcinoma in Asian countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Soheil Hassanipour, Mouhebat Vali, Saber Gaffari-fam, Hossein-Ali Nikbakht, Elham Abdzadeh, Farahnaz Joukar, Akram Pourshams, Afshin Shafaghi, Mahdi Malakoutikhah, Morteza Arab-Zozani, Hamid Salehiniya, Fariborz Mansour-Ghanaei


Review article - Ovariectomized rat model of osteoporosis: a practical guide

Nasibeh Yousefzadeh, Khosrow Kashfi, Sajad Jeddi, Asghar Ghasemi


The effects of synbiotic supplementation on serum inflammatory markers and edema volume in breast cancer survivors with lymphedema

Saeideh Vafa, Shahpar Haghighat, Leila Janani, Ali Saneei Totmaj, Mehraban Navaei, Ali Amirinejad, Hadi Emamat, Zahra Salehi, Mitra Zarrati


5,6,7,4’-Tetramethoxyflavanone protects against neuronal degeneration induced by dexamethasone by attenuating amyloidogenesis in mice

Kanet Pakdeepak, Ratchanaporn Chokchaisiri, Jiraporn Tocharus, Pranglada Jearjaroen, Chainarong Tocharus, Apichart Suksamrarn


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